A Brief History


Sonajen Oy is a one man limited company based in Vantaa, Finland and was founded in 1999 for the purpose of providing software development services on a contract basis. The word "we" is used throughout this website, but please bear in mind that you are dealing with a single software developer.

Our developer has been in the software development industry since 1985 and has been providing contract‑based development services since 1994. Between 1999 and 2010, Sonajen sub‑contracted with just two companies, based in Toronto and Brussels, both of which were happy to extend contracts several times.

Second stage: Developing our own software

Our final contract was completed in late 2010 and we began to develop our own self‑support software for sale to Internet Service Providers, with the goal of providing the highest quality solution for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android at exceptionally competitive prices.

Development took two years and resulted in winning a contract with a large ISP in Scandinavia. Solutions were deployed beginning in 2013. In the subsequent 8 year operational period, barely any issues were reported and none of those were major.

However, it proved difficult to sell the software to other ISP's despite its clear quality, with it mostly being viewed as a niche product. Nevertheless, Sonajen continued to support its existing deployment until August 2021, at which point it was de‑commissioned by the customer having served its purpose.

Current stage: Return to contracting

A number of considerations were made as to whether to return to contract work.

  • The current self‑support solutions have run their course and there will be no future development or sales.
  • A small operation faces significant challenges trying to win business with large companies.
  • Development of a new product is both time consuming and expensive, with no guarantee of success.

Taking all this into account, from September 1st 2021 Sonajen returned to providing contract‑based software development services.