Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

We have been developing native applications and dynamic link libraries for Windows since 1995 and we have managed Windows servers since 2003.

For native applications we use the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. We have expert knowledge of common API's such as Win32, MFC, COM, WMI, WinSock2, WinTrust, MSXML2 and WinCrypt. We have created client applications with both MFC and encrypted HTML / JavaScript user interfaces, which have bi-directional communication with Windows services.

We orefer to use the INNO Setup software for installers, but we can also create MSI packages.

We can install and configure Microsoft IIS web servers and have expert knowledge of ISAPI filter and extension development for custom HTTP request handling.


We have been developing native macOS applications since 2011 and we subscribe to the Apple Developer Program.

For native applications we use the Apple XCode IDE. We have excellent knowledge of common API's such as Cocoa, Carbon, CoreWLAN, pthread, kqueue, dynamic store monitoring, security framework, common crypto and sockets. We have knowledge to create launch daemons, custom URI schemes and notarized applications.

For installers we use the WhiteBox Packages software.

Unix and Linux

We have experience of developing applications and libraries for Unix and Linux since 1985.

If we choose to use an IDE rather than the command line tools usually installed with these operating systems, then we select Microsoft Visual Studio Code over an SSH connection.

Lately, we use Linux for creating and executing Docker images and defining Kubernetes clusters.