Web Servers

Phoenix Framework

Phoenix is a web framework for the Elixir programming language allowing development of scalable, reliable web applications and REST API's that encompass the model-view-controller design pattern.

Production builds may be created for a target platform that execute without the need to install any supporting software. Web pages are served by the built-in Cowboy HTTP server.

Phoenix is our preferred web application framework and we have been using it since 2017. This website is built upon Phoenix and we have also developed mobile applications which communicate with Phoenix-based REST API's.

Microsoft IIS

If your company uses Windows Server then it is likely that Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) will be the choice of web server.

We have been setting up and maintaining IIS web servers for customers since 2003 beginning with Windows Server 2003 and IIS version 6.0 through to Windows Server 2019 and IIS version 10.0.

Where custom handling of HTTP requests is necessary, we have all the expertise to develop Microsoft ISAPI extensions and filters in C++.